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Personnel and Vendor/Contractor Management

The heart of property management is the quality of the staff managing the asset. Experienced and knowledgeable staff can run the asset in the manner most suited to maximize income, profitability and value. The key components of this are understanding how best to manage tenant relations and how to cost effectively and efficiently manage maintenance, repair and capital improvement issues.

SVMG Property Management Staff

Our staff consists of highly experienced property managers and assistant managers to implement programs. All property management staff members have taken and graduated from the California Apartment Association’s CCRM Program. The CCRM (California Certified Residential Manager) program is the premier California state property management program for training property managers. The primary instructor and person who created much of the material for this program is our Executive Director of Property Management, Jody Marshall. All of our managers have earned the CCRM designation by taking and passing the following CCRM classes:

PMR100    Preparing the Property and Professional Leasing Skills
PMR101    The Move‐In Process, Rent Collections, and Notices
PMR102    Resident Issues and Ending the Tenancy
PMR103    Professional Skills for Supervisors
PMR104    Maintenance Management: Maintaining a Property
PMR105    Liability and Risk Management: Protecting the Investment
PMR106    Budget Development and Implementation
PMR107    Fair Housing: It’s the Law
PMR108    Ethics in Property Management


We also manage all vendors and contractors that come onsite to the property. We coordinate the appropriate vendor for the specific job, notify the tenant, meet the contractor onsite if necessary, and monitor the repair. We keep a healthy stable of contractors at the ready. These contractors include: general construction contractors, electricians, plumbers, roofers, asphalt repair, appliance repair, handymen, painters, landscapers, arborists, and cleaning personnel.

Resident Managers

When employing resident managers, SVMG can work in one of two ways: We can hire, employ and compensate onsite Resident Management or we can manage Resident Managers employed by the owner of the asset. In either case, we hold the Resident Manager to the same high standards and expectations of professionalism, ethics, effective tenant management, and knowledge of Federal, State and Local Fair Housing laws and requirements.

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